Granville Lighting

A strand of over 380 vertical LED lights are mounted along ten blocks of Vancouver’s downtown Granville Street. The lights are conceptualized to serve as strong connecting elements to link different neighbourhoods along the street. A visual vortex of space creates sheets of light when seen in the distance. Yet their simple shape and spacing allows for comfortable coexistence with current lights, and new neon lighting and flashing street signage. Used in TV commercials and print ads, these lights have become the signature symbol for this important part of the city.

Granville Lighting
Vancouver, BC, Canada
City of Vancouver
Studio Team
Bill Pechet, Gabe Daly, Andrew McLean
Project Team
PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc. (coordinating firm), Pechet and Robb art and architecture ltd.
Éclairage SDL inc., Valmont West Coast Engineering
Bill Pechet, Belinda Chan, Maurice Li, Clayton Perry, Jonathan Carter, Gabe Daly, Halima Quereshi