Hebrew Cemetery of Reno

We are currently designing an addition to the existing Jewish Cemetery in Reno, Nevada. The proposed site is a de-commisioned street to the south of the current facility. The very long and narrow property is to be entered via landscaped courtyards from both ends, which will create shaded transition spaces from the outside, and provide space for the ritual of hand-washing. Additionally, two landscaped oases will be formed from the excavated soil of the grave-sites, to create communal meditation gardens in the centres of the site and to introduce a sense of enclosure to the cemetery. The main entry gates are to be a trellised structures made from bent and battered aluminum ‘timbers’, resting on decorative foundations and screens. these structures will be planted with climbing vines.

Hebrew Cemetery of Reno
Angel Street, Reno, Nevada
Jewish Community of Reno
Studio Team
Bill Pechet, Sara Zonouzi, Gabe Daly
Sara Zonouzi, Bill Pechet