Little Spirits Exhibition

Designing Death” is an exhibition of contemporary funerary architecture and objects. Featuring architects and designers from around the world, the exhibition explores the role of thoughtful and innovative design within the functions and rituals related to the passage from life into death, taking into consideration both the deceased and the bereaved that mourn their passing. The design choices that comprise the projects included in the exhibition are informed by the ways in which they are used, such as how a funeral procession moves through a building, how a body physically breaks down, and how a ritual object is used for memorialization.’ 

Quote above extracted from the exhibition website

Our studio’s project, Little Spirits Garden, constructed in 2013, was included in the exhibition. For this, Lőrinc Vass created an exquisite set of drawings that reveal the various layers and ideas embedded in this work. The drawings change scale and point of view to depict ritual processions and formal repetitions of shapes and to elucidate relationships between the built part of the project and it’s enchanted forested setting.  Presented on one giant sheet of paper, visitors could dip into the drawings to uncover both seen and unseen relationships in the project.

Designing Death Exhibition – Little Spirits Garden – Cate Rimmer, Curator
Libby Leshgold Gallery, Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada
February-April, 2019
Studio Team
Lőrinc Vass, Bill Pechet
Drawings by Lőrinc Vass