Motorless Marina

This proposed small-scale marina for hand-powered craft was to be located in the northeast corner of False Creek, Vancouver. The facility would offer watercraft experience to the general public including rowboat, kayak, canoe and dragon boat rentals.

The marina consisted of a 980 square foot building for office space and vessel storage, located on a 4,000 square foot float. Modestly scaled and proportioned, the marina was intended to have a humble yet playful character. Use of off-the-shelf circular skylights would create a look of bubbles in the evening light.

Motorless Marina
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Wm. Harvey
2002 (unbuilt)
Studio Team
Stephanie Robb, Bill Pechet, Nicolas Osenton
Project Team
Pechet and Robb Design Ltd., Hay & Company Consultants Inc.
Pechet and Robb Design Ltd.