Schara Tzedeck Cemetery Addition

This project explored options for closing sand/or narrowing existing vehicular routes to create more grave sites. By converting a road into a one-way thoroughfare, over 100 new graves were created. In the process we found opportunities to add new public amenities such as a small plaza with a 360-degree bench around a flowering tree and a memorial wall to list loved-ones,  buried in distant places. The revitalized area now has beautifully crafted retaining walls that have a woodgrain texture, a cobbled road surface and new planting. This work was done under the advisement of a registered arborist in order to preserve an important stand of first-growth fir trees.

Schara Tzedeck Cemetery Addition
New Westminster, BC, Canada
Schara Tzedeck Cemetery Board
Studio Team
Bill Pechet, Gabe Daly, Sam McFaul
Project Team
Pechet Studio – project coordination; TOD Contracting – project management; Daly Landscape Architecture, Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers, Creus Engineering, GeoPacific Consultants, Radix Tree and Landscape Consultants, Four Brothers Masonry and Cement – general contracting