trashy lights

This project is one component of the Burrard Shipyards site redevelopment in North Vancouver, BC. (See “The Pier” on this website.) While reviewing countless photos of the shipyards site taken during its heyday, we noticed that the clever designers, builders and engineers of the industry often improvised to make things from scratch. Cars were made from old chassis and sheet metal, benches from buckets, and buckets from benches. We chose to do the same. To make lights, we used trash cans we had originally designed for the pier, flipped them upside down, drilled some holes and put in lights. The “trashy lights” hang from a rebuilt skeleton structure of galvanized trusses over the centre of a roadway.

trashy lights
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
City of North Vancouver
Project Team
Durante Kreuk Ltd. (coordinating firm); Bill Pechet.; John Bryson and Partners, Structural Engineers; Galina Zibrizher at Total Lighting Solutions Inc.
Marcon Metal Fabrication, Mondiale Development Ltd.
Bill Pechet, Gabe Daly