Who’s there?

Five Hundred copies of a painting have arrived from China. The original painting of a benign and slightly forlorn bunny, by Bill Pechet, was hand-copied by over 40 artists who work in an industrial painting village in Xiamen.

This is an experiment in outsourcing to see whether the aura of the original could be transmitted through the copying process, and to examine how relentless replication would, or would not, remove the authenticity of the work. The resultant paintings vary in number of ways, but most notably in how the eyes convey differing, subtle, emotions.

At the request of Bill, every painting was signed by the artist. Interestingly, they used anglicized names and each one seemed to be signed by the same hand…order yours now!

Who’s there
Project Team
The artisits of Jingyi (Xiamen) Work of Art Co., Ltd
Bill Pechet