Woods Columbaria 2

This project is the second phase of a columbarium originally designed for Capilano View Cemetery in 1991. The new enclave accommodates up to 768 urns within granite-clad niches. Floating roofs imply a release of gravity. The space they form between the columbarium and sky is designed to create a view along the length of the site and beyond.

An underground ossuary for the interment of 300 remains is also included in the project. Above ground sits a stainless steel urn, designed as a central figure around which to hold a funeral.

As in phase one, the site is enclosed with low stone walls to give a sense of a privacy for mourners. The entire project is conceived to be a space of contemplation and meditation.

Woods Columbaria 2
Capilano View Cemetery, West Vancouver, BC, Canada
District of West Vancouver
Studio Team
Bill Pechet, Gabe Daly
Project Team
PECHET Studio, CY Loh P. Eng., Lang Structural Engineering Inc.
Wilco Civil Inc., AMS Industries Ltd., Sunset Memorials and Stone Ltd.
Gabe Daly, Bill Pechet, Jose Gonzalez